Recognizing God's Favor and NOT taking it for Granted

One of the greatest things you can do for yourself is -learn how to recognize your blessings. Try NOT to take simple things for granted and be a little more appreciative and watch how much more simple life becomes.

Natural elements such as the warm sunshine will make you smile. A gentle breeze will stop your in your tracks and make you reflect how wonderful life can be. A happy life is really up to you and how you are able to handle things. I believe life operates in a full circle and if you do good to others then good will follow you. When you are you able to focus on helping another person then people will happily help you.

I'm a witness to this. A lot of great things have happened to me because of my willing heart to make someones day. My greatest joy comes from seeing another human being smile and knowing that I caused that smile is the icing on the cake. You can't take God's favor for granted because there are others in this world that are fair worse off than you. When you begin to operate with a sincere heart then the universe will align it's self up to be favorable towards you.

Recognize that.

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Great post!! thanks girly, this is so true! i love helping people especially kids and I always have the things I need and things I want in return. I don't do anything because i want to get something back but because I genuinely love helping especially when a person tells me out the blue how much I made a difference it makes me keep doing more.

I'm always crying when watching extreme home makeover or other shows where people pull together to help others...I'm a sucker for those moments! LOL

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