I can't Function

When you first meet someone and you two are going through the motions of getting to know each other, ALL you seem to do this think about them. Day in and Day out...everything you eat, sleep and breath is them, them, them. Even when you don't want to think about them you can't help it. You get a headache trying to shake thoughts of them. Every five minutes you are trying not to dial their number, you are checking your phone for missed calls and text messages.
You are trying everything in your power not to become a stalker but apparently your mind and your body are NOT cooperating.
You try to find things to do but that fails. You try to turn your phone off and force yourself to let them be and that fails. They are All you even want to talk about!!!

Ughhhhhhh!!!!! I can't function!!!!

Everyone can relate to these feelings of falling in Love and when these feelings engulf you, they really and truly consume everything that you are. I just want to breath without a thought of him!!! Argghhhhhhhhhh (screaming).

An easy solution is simply finding something more productive to do. It's a tough challenge trying to break that cycle of constantly having them on the membrane. But sometimes it's necessary to just force yourself to. You have to have a life outside of your mate. Some people even believe in "outta sight, outta mind"...but the only way that works is if you completely erase them out of your life, erasing them out of your social networking life as well. Other than that, that theory is null and void meaning: IT DON'T WORK!

These never ending thoughts of your mate can be a gift and a curse. Of course you love thinking about everything that they mean to you because it makes you feel good but damn where is the line drawn when you can't STOP thinking about them!

YOU GOT TO HAVE SOME BALANCE or You won't be able to Function

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I am currently in a relationship and I am always thinking of him cheating or finding interest in other women. But while I am at work it is what you said out of sight out of mind, but then on my way home from work the thoughts of him wanting another comes right back

y is that all your thinking about hun?? sounds like he's cheated before and if he hasn't then give him the benefit of doubt diva

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