Celebrating 10,000 Views

Wow thanks Guys!!!
Do ya'll see that!! Over 10,000 views!! That's MAJOR!!
A mini milestone on my road to my goal of being on the NY TIMES BestSeller's List! It feels good to know that you all are tuning in daily and enjoying my work and my quick reads!! I sincerely appreciate every one of you!

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Sooo Glad to have been conneceted with you via twitter, via ur husbands page. You have taught me so much these last few months Real Talk. I come from a background in Brooklyn, NY where it was Always about DOing YOU! but in a Cut-throat manner but that was how we survived the hustle streets...since moving to VA it has been a big change of invironment but one thing I've learned from you is that its ok to embrace you sistahs! Theres enough out here for us all if we use our gifts and talents properly. How can we say, as women, we are always hating on ea/other but at the same time, not wanting to help ea/others cause?! You see me, I will always support positivity, especially for the greater good! I cant wait to bring my 12&17yo daughters to the conference next Saturday. Guuurl, you have started a movement. God gave you a gift and you are using it very well so I Thank you truly from the bottom of my heart. We must learn, as women, to Unite b/c at the end of the day, we all are roll models to those who come after us, whether its to your daughter, sister, homegirl, neighborhood friend! So why not be POSITIVE! So keep on and you have a life long follower and hopefully good friend in Me! ~Tyree (BKLYNTYE)

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