Step Outside your Comfort Zone

It's so easy to get comfy.
It feels safe.
When you get used to a certain feeling of "security" in the things your familiar with, "the unknown" is something that can be a little scary.

I don't see anything wrong with fear. In fact I think you should embrace it. Embracing it is the quickest way to conquer it. Whatever it is that you want to do, do it. You only live once. Don't second guess your gut instincts. Live Life. Have Fun. Don't worry. Be happy goddammit LOL. Just step outside your comfort zone because comfortable isn't always good. You'll get caught up in the norm and 'real life' will pass you by. Don't get caught up in mediocrity because you'll never know what it feels like to be extraordinary. Life is about taking risks, and the risk takers are almost always the ones on top.

Why wouldn't you want to be on top?? The bottom is too crowded anyway. Step outside your box and live. Dream. Fly. You don't have a second to waste. Make them all Count!

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This has been my motto for 2011! I'm one of the most nervous people out here so i'm always fearful of failure especially from those times when stepping out of my comfort zone have left me with regrets. But now i'm learning to think a little wiser before taking certain risks...others you just have to go for it and if it doesn't work, learn from the lessons and try again! thanks again girly :-))

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