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Tenisha Parks on February 24 at 6:27am Wrote:
I think that you are very pretty. Do you do your own makeup?? I asked b/c I have always been natural but tryn to get into makeup. I never tried makeup b/c I wear glasses and Im dark-skinned, but is looking for a new look, what do you think are the makeup must haves

I sent her a reply but also feel the need to go into depth about this a little more. Believe it or not, I haven't always been a Glam Goddess. I have always been into 'Fashion' for as long as I can remember but I didn't discover my love for makeup until a few years ago.

You could say I was a late bloomer because when one of my friends was buying MAC back in my early college years, I didn't know what the hell MAC was. She was my hair dresser and a stylist, home girl was far beyond her fashion years. This was back in 2001.

I honestly don't think a woman discovers her true appreciation for makeup until she has been MADE UP right. When I say "made up right" I mean--Flawless Perfection!
The whole nine yards....Voluminous Lashes, Lip stick, Liners, Creme Foundation, Powder, Pigmented Shadows, Beautiful Blush, Contouring to 'slim' your face, Eyebrows expertly arched, Bold Mascara, and a Star quality Shimmer! These are just a few things to Perfect your Beauty.

Some women pride themselves in saying "I don't wear makeup because I don't need to". My response is...-Heifer! The most beautiful women in this world who have graced the cover of International Magazines wear makeup so what makes you so golden? The real reason some women don't wear makeup is because they don't know how or they haven't seem themselves made up Flawlessly or Correctly. Some women are even scared because they have seen the evil side of makeup where your skin reacts negatively from the application process especially when you don't have a good cleaning regime. Basically saying, if you put makeup into your pores you better be prepared to clean your skin thoroughly daily! Your pores like to breathe so you most certainly have to give them special attention with exfoliates and deep cleaning agents on the regular.

When I was young the most I would do is a color liner and a heavy gloss. My skin was always very evenly toned and clear so I would throw my CoCo butter on and be done! Honey I thought I was the Biggy BOMB!!! LOL! It wasn't until an old friend of mine who just happen to be one of the best MUAs (makeup artists) in the entire country told me "Vee you should let me "beat your face" meaning "make you up". So I did, the results blew my mind! To see myself made up Flawlessly, took my breath away! It took everything in me not to cry. I didn't want to ruin the work she just did so a sista had to choke back them tears. From there I was hooked! She gave me a few beginner lessons and from there I did major research on the products in the industry. I did major research on the application process. I discovered that you can learn how to do makeup on YouTube but of course practice makes perfect.

There's a whole world inside the Makeup Industry, you are in for a special treat! There's lots to discover so Enjoy the new ride on this addictive Beauty Train!

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What Make-Up Products Do U Use?

i LOVE BH Cosmetics and Covergirl. and of course Mac

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