Who Am I?

One day I woke up to complete peace.
Not one sound in the house, the only muffled noise was coming from outside as the calm winds eased in from the slightly ajar window.
The sounds of cars and trucks going past every so often was enough to perfect this level of sweet tranquility I was experiencing.

There were no distractions. This rare moment of peace allowed me to explore me. Who am I? No phones ringing, no radios singing, no kids screaming....right now I took a second to daydream. My mind quickly went back to the days when I was a child. The inspirations I had as a little girl had not yet manifested their way into my reality as an adult. I let life get in the way of pursuing my deep rooted passion. I forgot how important it was to have a simple dream. I got caught up in the ways of the world and let bills and material things guide my career goals. Instead of doing what I loved, I did what I needed to do to survive. I forgot how important it was to appreciate every single day because tomorrow is not promised. I neglected to acknowledge the beauty in the smalls things we take for granted like the breath of Life and the marvelous scenery God has placed here on Earth for us to adore and enjoy.

I got lost in what's not important in Life and I now I'm stuck wondering ...Who Am I?

*****Readers...this is a fictional story but one that I believe relates to the masses. The moral of this story is to encourage you to never lose sight of doing what makes you happy. Don't get so caught up into things that give you no validation. It's important to stay focused on your dreams. Don't just walk through life making ends meet, neglecting to enjoy the wonderful things of this world. Vacation, visit other cities and countries, spoil yourself. Work towards something that is fullfiling and something that makes your heart proud. Working a 9-5 everyday that you absolutely hate is a waste of precious life and the day God decides to call you home can u close your eyes and say...."I enjoyed my Life".

Discover your purpose and make your name significant. Take a moment out of your busy schedule to reflect on exactly what it is that you have accomplished and how many people have you positively influenced. It's never too late to start. Begin by asking yourself "Who Am I?"

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once again...i love it! lol This was so good for me because recently i had been doing the same thing as far as thinking back to my childhood and what brought happiness. As an adolescent I stopped dreaming because of continuous let downs and negative people. So like you said I just began living life the "normal" way and worked to acquire all the "stuff". After i ended a long term relationship i said "get to know YOU better" it's easy to get caught up in what looks good and not whats for me. I began blogging during my transitional phase and it helped me so much and I NEVER thought I would actually enjoy writing.

Once you get to doing things that are true to YOU, it's amazing how much courage you get, opportunities open and meeting the right people began to just happen naturally. Sorry sorry sorry for the short story but this post was on point for me!

Thanks! "Vee You Be Killen Em" 8-))

thanks sooooo much for your feedback EeshBeesh!!! I loved your response!!!

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