Welcome to The Future!

Wow!! the future is HERE!! Some people get nervous and scared when things from the Jetsons began making their way into real life LOL.

Check out this new Car from GM!!
This is the vehicle of the future unveiled in Shanghai.
70 years later, after the invention of the 1st motor vehicle many cities around the world have began to experience too much congestion. Traffic jams and destroying the environment are things that motorists continuously complain about.

This year's World Expo opens May 1 in Shanghai, China. This city of 19 million people will be getting first dibs on these NEW driverless cars that don't pollute, don't crash and take up less space! Wow Wow Wow!! Don't pollute, don't crash and take up less space!! I mean, what more do you need LOL!

Just five feet long and weighing about 900 pounds, EN-V (the new car design) is a two-seater that runs on electricity. Its top speed is 25 miles per hour and everyone will be moving instead of sitting in traffic. It has a GPS, combined with vehicle-to-vehicle communications which allows it to automatically choose the fastest route, based on real-time traffic information. That feature will ease traffic congestion worldwide.

Now let me play devils advocate for a second, ok the car is driverless? Now what if you are doing something unlawful (I pray you are not LOL) u mean to tell me that these cars have the capability to take your ass straight to jail because believe me the government and law enforcement is going to have it's hands all up in this.
AND...for the computer geeks what if they hack the CPU system in your car and frame you by redirecting your vehicle to a crime you had nothing to do with? I don't know how comfortable I would feel with a computer controlling whether my car goes or stops. I mean there are so many different scenarios where this idea could go wrong.

Nevertheless, its a cute design, we'll see how it turns out.

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