Y must people drink Haterade?

What is it about Human Nature than prevents people from genuinely supporting each other? Why is it that another person's success is grounds for full fledged hateration? What is it about the progress in someone else life that makes us treat people like a pretzel and throw SALT on folk.

Is it human nature to be a little envious of others when our ducks are not in a row? If you feel yourself on the verge of throwing shade, you should check them thoughts at the door and ask God to renew your mind because when and if you shall ever POP and gain Success you want people to back, love and support you.

Some people will argue that its a black thing but I beg to differ. Its human nature. Some people hate for the sake of conversion. Some people hate because they are disappointed in themselves. Some people are just plain jealous of the way your life is panning out. Some people just dont have their own minds and they "hate" so they can fit in with other crowds.

Whatever the case, hating is not benefiting anyone. If people just learned to pull together, work together, up lift each other and celebrate one anothers Accomplishments then we as a Human Race would be so much further along. This seems like commom sense but apparently some folks mentality is so jacked up that commom sense jumped completely across them when it was being distributed in Heaven lol. When God was handing out "good intentions" and "genuine hearts" 90% of people took that day off lol. Sad but so true!

So when you feel yourself throwing shade or hearing someone talk down about someone for no apparent reason then stop it in its tracks and ask "what the purpose of this Hate and who is it benefiting"? If it aint benefiting anyone, your wasting valuable energy and time that you could have been putting into someting more productive!!!

Now go on and Congratulate someone! Lift someone Up and watch the same Love Return Unto you!

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