Nicki Minaj &all her awesome-ness

You can not hate, you have to give Nicki Minaj her props whether you like her or not. Some say her voice is aggrevating, some say she is too over the top, whatever your thoughts you must admit she is a bad chick. So what her booty and tits are said to be false, homegirl looks like a perfect 10 and women everywhere no damn well they agree, WHETHER THEY WANT TO ADMIT IT OR NOT!

This “Right Thru Me” Music Video that premiered on BET this week is questionable though. Humph! I cant say that I agree with the content. My first reaction was "I be damn". Listening to the conversation at the beginning of the video she telling him "You keep disrespecting me, I want you to stop", then when he turns to walk away, this chick is begging him to stay. Once again I say "Humph"...really, you're begging him to stay???? *confused face*

My response to women across the globe..."Let him Go" you are worth more!! Dont let a man disrespect you, we are Queens and you must carry yourself as such. Its too many men on planet Earth, yes I said "planet Earth" for you to be begging any man to stay. Tell him to do you a favor and carry his a**.

There are still good men out here ladies, so never settle. You do everything you can to make your man happy and if you are not getting 100% back in return...introduce him to the damn Door! Nicki I know this is just a video but the contect is influenial and I hope people are mature minded enough to tell the difference between entertainment and real life but just in case you are not in that mental place, Royal Beauty Vee had to educate you!
Click the link below the view the video!
World Premiere: “Right Thru Me” Music Video

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