The Twitter Addiction

Twitter is taken over!! It has blown the Social Media Monster "Facebook" out of the water!

Y? Why do we tweet? Just about everyone does, even Fortune 500 companies reach out to their consumers via Twitter. But watch out, because once you get into a groove it becomes an Addiction! Yes, you wont be able to stop. Start following some rather dramatic, entertaining, raunchy, mouth-Almighty's and the rest is HISTORY. Your daily entertainment will be fulfilled. Whatever your reason for tweeting is...this social phenom has it ALL!!

Some twitter favorites are
@vamoe---whos tweets are frequent,cuts NO corners and are straight to the point
@staynsinglenfly---whos tweets are motivational and keeps all the 757 & 804 heads up-to-date on Epic Nightlife events
@nita2nyce---whos tweets are full of dance moves and humor
@ihatekatstacks---whos a "self proclaimed" urban legend who's known for sleeping with your favorite rapper and hated by majority of them
@anguzblack---whos tweets are full of comedy and laughter
@DeliciaCordon---whos twitpics make the fellaz go krazzzyyyy!
@iamdiddy--- P Diddy (self explanatory)
@kanyewest---whos tweets are arrogant and cocky like they should be LOL
@royalbeautyv---who's tweet are composed of just about all of the above

those listed above are just to start your twitter world off and to provide you with a road map to Entertainment.

However, Twitter is more than entertainment, it's amazing for networking. Its one of the best tools to get your talent discovered. You can literally talk to you all your fav celebs or anyone else you wish to converse with by simply '@' them in your tweet!

Trending topics or #TT are ways to get in on popular headlines in the media and when you use a #TT your tweets shows up on a global newsfeed which is a way to get people everywhere to see your tweets and possibly follow you...Overall, its fun and you want to get your follow count up so that your not just another needle in the haystack....your are somebody! Make yourself KNOWN!!

Happy Tweeting and Follow me at @royalbeautyv

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