Pastors GONE Wild!

Ummmmmm, is there a reason why this nationally known pastor of 25thousand is in the tightest clothes he could find and flexing like he just won the Mr. Strong Man USA competition?

Well maybe there is a reason, maybe not. One thing is for certain, those pictures alone raises my eyebrow. This pastor is Bishop Eddie Long who oversees a Mega Church near Atlanta, GA.

Here's where the drama comes in, Young men are coming forward stating that this pastor has taking indecent liberites with them, engaging in homosexual acts, drugging them, vacationing with them in exotic countries all to seduce them and take the only thing that makes a male feel alpha--his MANHOOD. At last count, 4 young men have stepped forward with their aligations with their ages ranging from 16-22. Bishop Long is one of the most prominate pastors in the Black Community so if this turns out to be true, DAMN, he done set black folks back 50 years.

One of his accusers was caught and charged with burglarizing Bishop Long private office at his church back in June and this crime has his creditablity in question.

Bishop's attorney states that the crime by one of the accusers shows that this entire mess is about money and extortion.

The accuser fired back and stated the reason he broke into the church office was for evidence because he was planning to "out" the bishop and knew no one whould believe him.

Now believe what you want Loyal Royals but you got to admit, this not looking good for this pastor, whatever the case, I hope none of his followers question their "faith" in the most high.

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Never put your faith in man.

You are right about that Janelle

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