Dwight Howard gives a Dying woman her last wish

NBA star Dwight Howard is a Big Ole Sweetheart!! OMG, if he didnt have the ladies swarming over him at first, this next story will make you want to know a little more about him.

An elderly woman by the name of Kay Kellogg (no relation to the cereal lol) last wish was to simply meet her hero D. Howard. She's suffering from an aggressive cancer and the only thing she wanted was to spend a few minutes with someone she says "makes me feel good inside, he's such a precious and wonderful kid".

So her daughter had a bright idea to contact the Magics and tell them her mother's dying wish. A few days later...who shows up at her door? Dwight and all his fineness! Good God! Thats enough to make me go to heaven right there lol. He was suppose to stay for 30 mins and ended up staying for 2hours. Wow! He chilled and chatted it up with her and really enjoyed himself.

and to really set things off upon leaving..she stood up and gave him a hug, he told her "You are taller than me"

she says "thats the silliest thing I've ever heard"

His response "No, you're taller than me because your spirits lift you up"

-----*tears* OMG!! STOP!! this was too damn sweet for me, excuse me while I grab some Kleenex!

Loyal Royals...tell me what ya"ll think!! Was this not sweet as all outdoors??!!

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