Veggie Basics: Simple Vegetables for multiple meals

Taking it Back to Veggie Basics
"In the Kitchen" with Chef Tiffany

Is it really November already? 
Wow 2013 has come and gone in the blink of an eye hasn't it? It has really passed us by! 
Not only does November mean the end of the year is near, but on a lighter, tastier note it also means that it's time for one of the most festive holidays of the year, Thanksgiving! 

Doesn't that get you excited!! I mean really...let's talk about this, who really feels guilty about indulging in the delight of comfort foods and soulful desserts! The sweet herbal smell of sage, cinnamon and pine, ahhhhh.  This is the time of year to bring your loved ones together and give thanks and ohhh yesss we love to thank God for great food!

So, what’s on your menu? 
Every good recipe begins with a solid foundation! Cooking is not as complicated as it appears. The base for your mise en place should be a Mirepoix or a holy trinity. What the heck is that? Just some more culinary terms that will take you a long way in the kitchen. We learned about "mise en place" in my last culinary article and now to take it a little further let's discuss "mirepoix" (meer-PWAH).  Don't let the french pronunciation scare you away lol.  It's just a simple mixture of veggies normally used in broths to enhance flavor. Mirepoix is 50% onions, 25%celery and 25% carrots! Easy right:) 

How is this info useful? Wellllllll, these aromatics can be the beginning of thanksgiving bliss! Duhhh! Start with this simple setup and your turkey dance in your tummy and thank you! Or better yet, you will thank it!  Now this “holy trinity” is going to be the foundation for your leftover fried turkey gumbo. Again as stated before, the holy trinity/mirepoix consists of 50% onions, 25% celery, and 25% bell pepper, just sautee these bad boys until translucent (colorless) and get some roux (equal parts by weight fat and flour cooked) going. Don't worry, we will discuss "roux" later! You learn something new everyday and Chef Tiffany is going to have you prepping with the chef-perts (chef-experts/master chefs) in no time! 

Stay tuned for more treats and surprises as we get knee deep in this fun holiday season!
Everybody loves good eats and savory treats!

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