Top 5 Must-Haves for Fall Fashion

FALL 2013

The weather is breaking and in comes the Fall! Fall is one of my favorite times of year because the fashion is simply FABULOUS!!! Check out these 5 "Must-Haves" for the 2013 Fall Fashion Season!

One | Cobalt Blue Heels
Cobalt is a sexy bold color! Grab a pair of semi pointy Cobalt blue heels for work this Fall! You will be surprised at how many colors cobalt will compliment and it's sure to add that extra POP of color to some of your "dull" work looks.  

Two | A bright Bag 
Bright satchels are SUPER fierce and will add lots of personality to any solid color outfit! Go for the neons but be sure the actual 'design' of the bag is simple!

Three | Bright Bottoms
More personality! You can still look professional in a pair of bright trousers! Simply compliment them with a solid color blazer and strut your stuff honey! 

Four | Phillip Lim by Target
Target has some fun and trendy fashion ladies! Check out Phillip Lim's line and just about all of his pieces can easily be dressed up for work! Jessica Alba deserves two thumbs up for this look that was featured in Vogue!  

Five | Crop Pants & Heels
How appropriate and STUNNING is some crop pants and heels for the Fall! This should be your professional "go-to" style for work and any other occasion this season! You can't go wrong! 

Now that you have the "Insider's Scoop" on what's in for the Fall go on your hunt to add them to your wardrobe! Beauty Intoxicated is very excited to see you out-n-about looking... 
"Under the Influence of Beauty"!!! 

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