Just Relax!
Rest & Relaxation
The BEST way to deal with stress is rest & relaxation! Take a chill pill! 

Relaxation will decrease the harmful effects of stress on your mind and body so it's perfectly ok to have a lazy day every now and then. Treat yourself to doing "nothing" at all sometime! Stress is a silent killer and if you don't learn to put some things down and learn to put some duties to the side, you will let stress kill you! Stress has even been linked to health problems such as cancer. It is important to be proactive when it comes to your overall state of well-being, after all if you are not good then you won't be good to anything around you. 
Learn some relaxation techniques! Basic relaxation techniques are easy and fun.
Meditate... Get lost in peaceful and tranquil thoughts… Practice deep breathing exercises. 

'"Sometimes Nothing to do is simply
a Blessing in itself. Just Relax"
How Does Relaxation physically help the body?

Studies show that getting your fare share of rest can…

  • slow down your heart rate and breathing rate, lower the blood pressure, increase blood flow to major muscles, reduce pain and tension, improve overall mental stability and aids in reducing anger and frustration.

In other words just CHILL OUT!  Get some personal time in with yourself and for that moment in time, remember that nothing else matters. If you don't take care of "you", you really can't expect anyone else to. 

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