Brooklyn, NY

Last week I was in Brooklyn, NY and I had the MOST AWESOME time. I was there for 3days and honestly I wanted to stay longer. It's some really hood areas in Brooklyn but there are plenty really gorgeous apartments in the city as well. Just riding around with my girls I was picking out buildings I could live in. The simple fact that I was doing that shocked me because I said I would never live in NY.

The cost of living is enough to keep me as just a visitor as oppose to a resident though. I can't lie, every since I left I been thinking about going back. The feeling that the city life gives me is indescribable. Seeing lots of people out and about 24hours a day gave me a thrill. I'm a fashionista so the shops, boutiques, and blocks and blocks of couture stores simply floor me every time. I swear I can stay and shop for days at a time and never get tired.

It's just so much to do. It wasn't my first time in NY but it was my 2nd time in Brooklyn. This time I actually got the opportunity to appreciate and fall in love with the borough. Manhattan is too much for me, the Bronx is not enough. Queens doesn't really feel special and Harlem I can rock with as much as I rock with BK.

BK thanks for showing me LOVE and I'm looking forward to returning often!

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