Horror Movies

I be damn if I'm watching a Horror Movie. I think I was damaged as a child because my parents used to watch Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street with the volume on 3000 too late at night for me. As a matter of fact I KNOW I was damaged because I'm having flashbacks as I type this. I remember being afraid to go to sleep because the images of those movies were so fresh in my memory and the mere thought of closing my eyes in a dark room left me beyond frightened. That was over 20 years ago and I'm still scorned today.

I take my sequined hat off to those who have the heart to sit through something so spiritually overwhelming. YES!!! It's overwhelming to my damn spirit LOL!! It's that serious to me! I got a lot of heart when it comes to a lot of things in life but if you make me sit down and watch a horror movie I'm going to be a scared ass little kid! People are raving over "Paranormal Activity 3", I'm glad folks like it because I did'nt watch 1 or 2 and GOTS NO PLANS TO!! I'm a firm believer in the supernatural and I personally want no parts of it! I'm not playing with nothing dead because it can't die again and I love my life too much to be provoking death. LOL maybe it's not that serious but dammit Again I say it's that serious to me!

Ya'll go ahead and indulge and let me know how it was because that's as close to knowing the details of the movie that I'm going to come!

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