Thanks To all of you for a Successful Book Signing Event!

Thanks to every single person that came out and supported my first book signing yesterday! From the moment it began until the moment the celebration ended people were flooding in! So many people showed love and I could never thank you enough!! I had the most awesome time, and I'm truly grateful for the support that everyone showed!! To see the genuine love that I continuously pour out come right back to me had me choking back tears. Some of my guest actually approached me with tears in there eyes as they shared wonderful stories and testimonies on how I have inspired them in one way or another. Just to see and hear how I have made in impact in the lives of so many was very fulfilling and rewarding.

I was shocked and siked to see so many old, new and familiar faces in the building. Shoutout to TracyC for hosting the event and shoutout to all the other authors that were in attendance. Shout out to Diamond Royalty for assisting and always being my backbone. Shoutout to Stephanie from OliveCoCo magazine that stopped through and showed her support! I won't began to shout out names because I don't want to forget anyone but please believe everyone of you are equally appreciated.

Not only did ya'll show up but ya'll showed out!! The 757 stepped in there looking like fresh cut money and you all dazzled the building in your fashions!! To look around and see everyone having a great time made my heart proud, there couldn't have been a more perfect setting. It was literally a PICTURE PERFECT night! I absolutely loved how real the crowd of people I associate myself with are and there wasn't a dull moment because of all the animated personalities LOL!! (including my crazy self LOL). Everything flowed so smoothly and the atmosphere was Super Charged. I felt so blessed.

I chose to wear something I would "wow" my guests with and by your responses, I think I nailed it:) I wanted to be sexy but classy so I opted to go with this mulit-colored fitted dress in the pics that flared out at the knees. It hugged my body perfectly and when I saw it in the store I knew it was hanging there waiting for me. It was the best choice for the occasion. If you were in the building be sure to upload your pictures and tag my Author page (Author Veronica RoyalBeauty Wiggins). Feel free to share and post your feedback on this event to my Author page as well.

All in all the night wouldn't have been a success without all of my guests so Mucho kisses and lots of hugs to them! I will have another signing coming up in Hampton very soon so stay tuned! Also you all know I am currently writing my next novel that will be a fiction erotic storyline that is sure to knock your socks off so stay in tuned to "What's up Wit V" and of course if you want me to do a guest spot at your book club meetings, social clubs or organizations...hit me up! Muahhh!

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