U are NOT Crazy!

In my 28 years I've learned some life lessons the hard way. At the time I didn't know the reason for the trials I was enduring but I must say that they made me who I am today.

Whew! Women we deal with some straight bullshit ok. I'm not going to even sit here on this bed and sugar coat it. No I won't do it. We are the backbone of civilization yet we get fed all the bullshit of the world. The biggest bullshit donors are MEN! Our counterparts! I remember all the crap I went through as a young woman about 7-10years ago and the things I was to naieve too dismiss. Being in relationship with someone who didn't deserve an ounce of my time YET my feelings were so caught up and my Love was Blind. That's a dangerous combo because you end up subjecting yourself to someone who is not worthy. You subject yourself to lies, deceit, evasiveness, and drama! All bullshit that can be avoided with YOU simply walking away.

What makes us stay? We often times stay out of obligation. We feel like we can't leave a nigga high and dry. Newsflash: If he was surviving before yo ass then he will survive after you. We stay because we are comfortable. He's is all we know and we don't feel like starting over. We stay because deep down inside we HOPE that this fool will change his ways and go back to the man we fell in Love with. Smdh!! RUN BITCH RUN!!! Has it EVER gone back to the way it used to be?? Hell NO!! The only way it will ever work is when BOTH parties are fighting for it. If the nigga already giving you the shitty end of the stick, give his ass an altimadem. Give it and stick to it!

If he don't shape up then ship his ass OUT!!!
U r NOT Crazy!!

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Hey V!

I dont kno if you like to post youtube videos on ur blog but when I read this entry it made me think about this video I watched before. He is KId Fury and he is a blogger but he is AWESOME! He is very insightful yet very witty at the same time. In regards to this post he taught me that "Love is Helen Keller...the shit is blind and mute" SOOOO True! But anyways here is the video where he talks about some of the same things u discussed here. Enjoy and keep doin ur thing!

LMBO @ RUN BITCH RUN!! I know that's right...this was a good post. We have all been there before and may still be there now. Thanks for the refresher on things we should already now but are too stubborn to use the good sense God gave us.

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