My newest Guilty Pleasure

Mac Lipstick Bronze Shimmer

This has become one of my all time favorite lip shades. It really compliments my spring/summer hair color in which I'm currently rocking in a medium brown. My new hair color had to grow on me because originally I thought it was too light but now I really love it. It adds a brightness to my complexion and I get mega compliments from all races on it daily. It compliments my skin better than any other hair color I've ever had and I feel like I've found my "perfect look". I don't know if I'm bold enough to go lighter yet but I will test my limit with lighter streaks later this summer.

Anywho this Bronze Shimmer Mac Lipstick that I recently purchased after an evening with my girlz was the perfect choice for an "everyday lipstick" and it even doubles as a very seductive evening color especially with smokey eyes. Smokey eyes is my signature makeup look and I was pleased that they work so well together. Its comes out very golden with a little bit of frost in it which to me is a bonus. This lipstick has long lasting staying power and doesn't leave that milky looking residue that a lot of MAC lipsticks tend to leave behind. I give it a "Royal 2thumbs up"! I love it and I wear it often:)

This Bronze Shimmer Lipstick definitely hits a home run!

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