Keep your Eyes on the Target

Hey ya'll!!

Today I had a small talk with myself and reminded myself of the goals I set forth to achieve this year. The beauty in that is I had already had them written down so all I had to do was go back and review them. Welp! Goal #1 is book. I'm pleased that things are moving along with my novel sales and I'm currently in process of writing my second novel which is sure to floor you. Of course I'm sticking to my erotic roots and bringing you some steamy passionate fire. My second novel is going to be about 3 times the length of the first sooooo get ready for a journey!!! The first few chapters have already got people buzzing and talking!

I have been so inspired lately and I'm thankful because that gives me the platform to write my heart out! The more I stay focused the more accomplished I began to feel. It's important for me to see the fruits of my labor play off and the only way to see that is if I actually complete them. For some people that's the "real challenge"---Completion. Anybody can start something but we know damn well not everyone finishes it. I've challenged myself to see everyone of my projects all the way thru and it takes daily motivation to get it done. The most rewarding part of the process is the End when you see your project manifest into reality and become a product of your growing empire. "I'm focused Man"! (in my JayZ voice) LOL

Ain't nothing to it--BUT TO DO IT! Keep your eyes on the Target

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