Own Your Size

Own your size and Love it!!!

Everybody is not going to be a size 3. If you have never been small your entire life, no need to complain about it. OWN IT!! When I say "OWN IT", I mean be confident. Be so confident that it begins to spill from your pores. Be so confident that when you walk into a room, people began to move over and clear the walk way because they see a QUEEN coming through and her Ora is exuberating. Big is beautiful!

I'm not a big girl so I don't know the struggles but "big" don't mean "busted". I know plenty of gorgeous thick girls and I don't even like to use the term "BIG", I call them "Size Sexy". They fine as wine and will quickly sit a slim chick DOWN!! When I say fierce....honey I mean it in all caps -FIERCE!!! The word beautiful doesn't give them any justice...they are goddesses and they have learned to OWN THEIR SIZE!!

You have to know what works for your particular body size. Just like every pair of jeans is not going to work for every size tushy tush, and not every dress is going to hug your curves perfectly no matter what size you are....u have to know what enhances your physique.

Your hair plays a major part on how your face appears to be shaped. Be conscience of this. Wear styles that intensify your features.
Accessories: Your choice in jewelry are extremely important!! They can either pull you all together or make you look like you were thrown together! And Lawwwddd, I don't want my sisters to look thrown together! Some accessories can even give you the appearance of a slimmer frame OR they can bring more unwanted attention to areas you are trying to hide. It can get a little tricky so find out what works for you.
For instance, I don't think every "thick" girl should wear BIG over sized belts going across their abdomen region. If your waist is not proportioned to accentuate a shapely waistline then don't bother bringing attention to it. This even applies to slim chicks who look even more foolish with big intertube going across their bellies. Everything is NOT for everybody ody odyyyy!!

Your appearance is EVERYTHING, put time into beautifying yourself. Do a little research, Find out what works for you and I can't express this enough OWN YOUR SIZE!!

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Great article V! and it was something that needed to be said! Own your Size and also Wear your Size!

Aqueelah E.

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