Unearthly Love

This is'nt anything new under the sun...but I feel the raunchy need to revisit it.
This chick said....

You love me especially different every time
You keep me on my feet happily excited
By your cologne, your hands, your smile, your intelligence
You woo me, you court me, you tease me, you please me
You school me, give me some things to think about
Ignite me, you invite me, you co-write me, you love me, you like me
You incite me to chorus.....
(Jill Scott)

Good GAWD almighty!!!! Whew Lawd!! Do ya'll understand the power in those words?! The intensity of the love between a man and a woman (or whatever your preference is LOL). There's nothing like that initial feeling of heat and passion. The feeling when you are on the verge of an out of body experience. That feeling when you temporarily leave your sane mind and drift off to paradise. That feeling, those fireworks are next to angelic. There's nothing in the world like it, especially when you are with someone you love.

When the mood is set, the candles are lit, the faint smell of flowers are in the air, the warm body oils from the intimate shower you to just experienced, the heat from the fire within is FREAKIN PRICELESS!

There's power in words Ladies and Gentlemen. Words can take you to a place unrestricted by reality, take you to another place inside a dream, a fantasy, a
delusional figment of your imagination that is so Bliss.

Umm ummm ummm!! Can ya'll feel me on this......

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