Perks Charity Event ReCap

If you missed Perks Clothing and Evolution Music Groups Charity Event last night, Don't worry I'm about to bring it to your computer screen. First let me start this off right by saying THANK YOU to Ray Perkins for inviting me to host the interviews for the night! I was honored and you know I stay ready so to say the least...IT WENT DOWN!

The night kicked off wit lots of energy and a festive atmosphere on Joe Tann's Party Bus. Now listen up ya'll..this bus was laced and pimped out, had a stripper pole in that mutha and all. Everybody was on a natural high (I hope, LOL) and we were just vibing to the melancholy tones of the voice of Joe Tann. *Wait* lets stop for a second...somebody please tell me where the hell Joe Tann comes from. Why is his voice so damn soul warming? He sangs so effortlessly and the perfection of his tunes are almost unreal. There's one word to describe him and its "Wow"!

The very beautiful and talented B'Michelle serenaded us with her style, her swagg and her vocal skills and we were not disappointed! That girl performs! She's a triple threat...she's gorgeous, she dances and the voice is unbelievable. Her performace was very refreshing. To top it all off, she is as humble as pie and approachable which awards her 2thumbs up because not everyone has such a warming spirit.

Then there's Grunge. Mr Gallardo! He is the reason why I was on my feet, he brought major energy, his Swagg was so mean, the confidence was as cool as ice and he ROCKED THE HELL outta the club! His performance called for a standing ovation. I'm not even a Hip Hop Head and he had me rocking like I wrote the damn songs. He captured the audience with every rhyme he spit and he literally took us to another place, another time, another era...when Hip Hop was good! Damn, if you were NOT in the building you missed a serious meal to the Hip Hop Soul. Grunge Gallardo = Hip Hop Soul Food.

Lot 14 took their position on stage. To have a group with all lead singers is a blessing and that exactly what they did, they blessed us with original, smooth and sexy R&B. The most intimate sounds escaped their mouths and every word was so beliveable. The expressions on their faces told me they meant every goddam syllable coming out of their mouth. Thank God I can't have no more kids cause Im sure it was some babies made off the vibe they created last night. I have'nt seen a good R&B group like them since Jagged Edge and 112.

DJ Baby Drew kept the ill mixes coming all night long! Jam after jam...Drew keeps you dancing and grooving. He always going innnnnnnn!!

There were many more known faces in the building as well. @kingcarter757 @mrwrighttone @rayshun @JTalk100 @mWattsmusic @marquitabiance @pavar @zoo757 @eyceman757 @troyperkins @NFMG @DiVita757 @MrVinceFontainn @christianadore @BeautyfulBee @its_sdotbish @adriversfr @adoreSanura @taralynn @tatorbadd @tenten757 @LisiCup @Charmz_Essence and many more!

The atmosphere was so right and mood was set by all the talents listed above! We went IN at 37th & Zen!

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