Why cant black people work together

What is it about the Success of someone of color that makes people hate? Why can't we be genuinely happy for each other. Why can't we successfully work with each other. Why egos got to get in the way? Why does everything have to be about one person and not equally divided between everyone involved?
Why Why Why?

What the hell is wrong with Black people? Sometimes we need the black slapped off us to bring us back down to earth. If you had half the mind to WORK TOGETHER, everyone would be better off. The competition between us is 5 kinds of stupid and almost trivial. It's enough money out here for everyone to eat! When God was passing out common sense Black folks clearly were late that day (no pun intended).

I can say all of these things because I'm speaking to MY PEOPLE!! We got to do better, we got to WORK TOGETHER! We got to put away all sneakiness and come to the table with sincere hearts to help one another. Now I know that everyone don't possess the ability to be worked with but keep praying for those idiots and move on.
They'll get the point one day!! Also, have something to bring to the damn table!!! Don't be a USER, because although people may not point that sh*t out, they damn shole (yes I said shole) recognize it!! You not slick and you not fooling nobody, either get your selfish ass together or sit the hell down!!

Its sounds like I'm a little upset right?? WRONG!! This is all in LOVE. Said with a genuine love and a heart for our people!!! We got to stick together, and then we can all feast together!!

Get your MIND RIGHT, then the money will follow.

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Your words are truly "spot on"! But, unfortunately those words only continue to fall of deaf ears in the black community. But, we have the nerve to only per usual blame others for our condition. That's nothing more than complete ignotance, and foolishness.

Also, black people's biggest problem is that we simply "HATE HEARING THE REAL TRUTH...ESPECIALLY ABOUT OURSELVES! That's exactly why we're making far less progress than other races.As, anyone who has a brain can clearly see where black people's heads are with little or no responses. It's just the usual black people's usual, and perpetual denial.

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