Watch out for the"Body Boi"

The most dangerous thing you can do to yourself as a woman is to entertain a "body boi". When I say "entertain", I mean have relations or intimacy experiences.
"Body boi" is a Jamaican slang term used to identify a gay male.

Now stop!!! Don't me wrong, I have nothing against gays, in fact I have quite a few friends that are gay and I respect them 110%. In fact one of my favorite radio/TV personalities is a gay male, and I adore him dearly.
Now this is where my problem comes in....these "Down Low" brothers!

Hmmmmm. Yep. I'll let ya'll digest that. It's shocking how many men out here are showing "down low" characteristics. Its is dangerous to be giving yourself to a man that is possibly giving himself to HIS man! Some of these men are ashamed to come out the closet so they play both sides of the field. DANGEROUS, DANGEROUS! Ladies don't be so blind to the fact that many of the men out here are swinging both ways. Don't be so caught up in loneliness that you conscientiously dismiss 'suspect' behavior.

If your man has a twist in his walk that's harder than yours, OPEN YA DAMN EYES, he might be gay!!
If your man prefers to chills wit a specific male friend of his, more than he prefers to chill with you, OPEN YA DAMN EYES, he might be gay!!
If your man adds 13 SSSSSsssssss to the end of every sentence and has a slight roll in his neck when he pops an attitude, OPEN YA DAMN EYES, he might be gay!!
If your man has been on lock down for 5 plus years, get his ass checked before your let him walk between your heavenly walls!!!!

Ladies this is your LIFE you are playing with and AIDS, doesn't have a age limit!! More and more women are being affected by the recklessness of these absent minded men. Its sad to say but sometimes you can't even see the signs of a down low man but if buy chance you catch any smidget (yes I said smidget!) of a suspicion, PROTECT YOURSELF BY PROTECTING YOUR HEALTH!

Wrap it UP!!!

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lol... damm v boo i cant get over how good both of them look..will it be ok 2 ask if you can have sex with a gay guy??

Rudebaby!! they look damn good lol!!! smh!! its a crying shame!! a waste of fineness!!! I wouldnt trust having sex with a bi-sexual man honey!! oh hellllllssss nah!!!

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