U don't have 2B Great to get Started but you do have to Get Started 2B Great

Procrastination is your WORST Enemy. Nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream. How many more days are going to past you by before you start to pursue your dreams?? How many more opportunities are going to pass you by before you reach out and grab one by the horns!!! Nothing in this life is promised and 9 times out of 10 NOTHING is going to be handed to you so don't sit around and wait for something to POP for you---GET OUT AND GRIND FOR THAT ISH!!

Grind towards your goals and dreams like your life depends on it, grind like if you don't succeed then your damn AIR supply will be shut off LOL, grind like your entire being depends on your Success. Guess What?? IT Does!!!

People make the mistake of forgetting why we are put here on this Earth. Its so simple I can literally slap some sense into some of Ya'll LOL. This world and all of the elements in it are sooooo Beautiful and if you just sit back and take a moment to reflect on that, you will see and fully understand it.
The Wonders of this world are so breathtaking and some people never even get to experience what the world truly has to offer.
Some people LIVE and Die on the same street. Thats a damn Shame! Who told you that you had to stay posted, planted and stagnated in the same position for your entire life!!! Thats NON Sense!!!

Get up, Get out and Get Something!!! This LIFE is precious, ENJOY IT and pursue your dreams. If you never get started how will you know how GREAT you could have became?

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love the topic & i so agree with and sabrina was just talkin about this last night! so we was thinkin 'hey' we work well together & we both have something going right now.. why not come together and make this happen!

yessss RudeBaby!!! got to get it started babes!! thanks for tuning in!!

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