Text Talk Dummies

Is it me or is every little text, instant messaging or social networking message abbreviated now-a-days, even when unnecessary? Hmmmmmm excuse me while I get a lil (little) deep on ya (you). What if this abbreviation phenom was all a part of some type of crazy plan to keep this generation illiterate and dumbed down. Its seems like the ability to speak and communicate intelligently is no longer possible.

Have you ever heard the expression "If you don't USE it you LOSE IT"? Well this applies to spelling too. If you are constantly cutting words short and chopping letters off to make phrases smaller and remixing the spelling of words like
"cool" to "kool"
"girl" to "gurl"
"that" to "dat"
"be" to "b"
you are training your brain to recognize the incorrect way of proper communication and you are dumbing yourself down.

This seems minor but trust me eventually this may pose a major issue in our community. How the heck can our youth even get a job if they don't know how to properly communicate and/or spell?

When you see conversations like this:

"wtf is qoin out dha park ; i was toLd yu & pnut was thumpn & i went out dere nd errthinq ; weneva yu qet a chance ckalL meeh 7; nd yu kno mi dauqther birfday ckominq up" (seen on FaceBook by an unknown author *wink wink)

ok lets pause for a second and give a much needed abbreviation to the above crap of a conversation "WTF'!

now lets translate...
"What the f**k is going on out the park? I was told you and peanut was fighting and I went out there and everything. Whenever you get a chance call me and you know my daughter birthday is coming up"

on popular social sites if you have to translate every other word in a sentence... ummm we have a damn problem people. Its not funny, this is an ISSUE and its laziness on the behalf of our peers. Its not cool being a dumbass so why pretend to fit in?

This needs to be addressed before our kids are lost forever.

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