Lady GaGa and her Fashion Madness

ok listen Lady GaGa, I really appreciate you and your weird sense for fashion but you are crossing the line between fashion and costumes. The meat dress at the VMA's was a bit much, I wanted to throw your ass on the George Foreman Grill and now this Hair dress is making me want to put your ass in a ponytail. Ughhh, what are you trying to prove lol. U have the crown Lady GaGa, the crown for "Most Off the Charts Fashion Fits" is YOURS so please stop the foolishness lol. I've seen awesome couture on you honey but this is not one of them. Entertaining it IS! but 'Fashion' it IS NOT!

Now she has attempted this look twice and I must admit the first 1 she pulled off but this one below was a failure. Wait, hold up let me back up...I must let you all know that these dresses are 100% Human Hair, at least they are not synthetic and that deserves a Royal 2 THUMBS UP LOL.

If ya'll missed the meat dress she wore at this year's VMA's then, fret it is.

Yes you had the right idea Drake but cook it first! Where's the A1 Steak Sauce when you need it! Ga-Ga keep us talking baby, U are definitely a Fashion Icon whether it's good or Bad LOL!!

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