Billon dollar Crib!

Ok its ok to dream right? Nothing wrong wit wishing for stuff right. Ok who went to sleep and dreamed this ish up?? A 26 story home next door to the slums of India. Really?? Talk about a slap in the face. People are slum poor in the surrounding community and you build the world's first billion dollar home smack dead in the middle of poverty? Interesting. Next question. Who da hell is living here because I dont understand why anyone needs 26 stories of living space. You better be moving an entire neighborhood in there with you. Now ya'll know Im not the one to hate or throw shade so I got to show ya'll the inside of this home….

Beautiful, I must admit, who wouldn't like to come home to this everyday? The reality is as gorgeous as this is, I couldn't sleep well in this 26story castle because how the heck would you know who else is in it lol!! I mean damn, how many levels can you dwell in daily? Now this home is rumored to be one of Mariah Carey's homes and I dont know how true it is but if so I hope her and Nick Cannon plan on having 25 more kids to go along with the one she's carrying now.

All in all, no one needs this much of a home, stop over doing ish people lol!! Oh let a sister borrow a room for vacations lol!

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