Who told you, YOU were a good woman?

Its easy to want a good man, but here's a question that you want to think about...."are you a good woman". Of course we are all going to say yes but when you sit down by yourself, no one around, in peace and tranquility....can you truly say "Im a good woman". If so, who told you-you were?

Who was your example on how a good woman carries herself? Remember these are hypothetical questions. The next question is -Was your example of a good woman married or single? Cant no one show you how to do something that they haven't been successful at. If you want a good man, you need to know how to play your role as a good woman. You may have had a great mother and the strength in her held everything in your life together but if she was a single mother, are you mistaking that for your example. Once again cant no one teach you something they havent even been successful at doing themselves. Please don't get me wrong, this is not to take anything away from single mothers but when it comes to knowing HOW to become a good woman to a man, those characteristics are taught and its never to late to learn.

Alot of time when we are looking for a good man, we start this process by making a few mistakes. The first is, if you are working on your own progression spiritually, financially, emotionally and physically then a good man will find you so STOP LOOKING. Second as women, we sometimes just don't know our 'role' and that's at no fault of our own, we just need to have the right example to show us. Third we have our own ways of doing things that sometimes interferes with the way our partner does things and when theres no mutual meeting grounds confusion comes in, damages our relationship and damages us as a person and we end up taking this baggage into future relationships, meanwhile unconsciously building shaky foundations in everything we touch.

The point is, make sure you have good examples (people) that can show you how to handle the things that you want in your life. Life's best teacher is experience and that's self explanatory.

Loyal Royals please share your views.....

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